You hold me in your arms so tight whisper in my ear,

Such a magical hold you have on me whenever you are near.

I gaze into your big brown eyes that take my breath away,

And all I want, is for you to stay.

Stay with me till the morning sun melts the dew away,

Hold me tightly, don’t let go, till the awakening of dawn’s new day.

Hold me spellbound till the rising of the sun,

Don’t release me till morning comes.

Press your lips gently against mine, hold me spellbound,

Throughout  the darkness of the night.

Hold time still, for of you I can’t get enough,

And tonight I need your love.

Hold me closely, never leave me,

Because spellbound in your arms is where I want to be.

The night holds magic it feels so right,

Stay with me till the end of time.

Fingers entwined, don’t let go, I can feel the flames of desire,

Burning throughout my soul.

Tempe rant flames burning ever so hot,

Don’t let go no matter what.

Shelter me, love me, show me that you care,

No matter where you roam, I’ll follow you anywhere.

To the ends of the earth and beyond,

For my love will carry on.

I’ll be your comfort, I’ll be your heart,

I’ll ease your pain, I’ll give you anything you want.

I’ll wrap my arms around you, ease your troubled mind,

I’ll show you a love finer than the finest wine.

You’ve cast your spell upon me, never release your hold,

For you my love, have taken my very soul.

Hold me close throughout the night, you’ll find a love so true,

You’ll stay through the morning light.

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