Love Renewed

                                                                                Love Renewed                          

The night is too quite and still,

He wants to move, looking for a cheap thrill.

His heart aches as he paces back and forth,

Because there is only one thing he searches for.

Been so restless this past year,

And his head spins as he drinks his last beer.

He wants to get drunk really bad,

Only to forget that he gave up the best thing he ever had.

She’s really gone and she couldn’t be blamed,

He pushed her away because he couldn’t be tamed.

If she were only here with him now,

He would ease the pain he caused her somehow.

Where was she now, who’s arms did she rest in?

A streak of jealousy struck within.

But what right did he have to feel this way?

He was the one that pushed her away.

If only he could turn back the hands of time,

He brushed back his hair, and reached for the bottle of wine.

So what would he do if it could be done over?

For the first time he smiled, as he imagined how he would love her.

He closed his eyes and imagined her touch,

“Damn,” He thought, “Enough is enough.”

“So this is how my life is to be,

Her face, her voice, her memories haunting me?”

“I have to know, there is no other way,

But if I do call her, what will she say?

Can she forgive the hurt I’ve caused,

And come back home?”

While he had the nerve he picked up the phone,

“She’s not here I’ll tell her you called.”

A stabbing pain went through his heart,

Nearly ripping him apart.

Ten minutes went by the phone rang,

And he heard her voice softly say,

“Mother said you had called, would you please

Tell me what you want.”

He felt a lump form as he tried to speak,

Just hearing her voice made his senses weak.

“Hello, hello, he was so afraid she would hang up,

“I want you back,” he said, “All I want is your love.”

“Things will be different, I promise they will,”

And then everything became still.

No one spoke all was quite,

He had to say something to make everything right.

“I love you, and I need you, please, come home,

Since you left I have felt so all alone.

Would you at least come talk to me,

And if we can’t work it out I’ll leave you be.”

The next day she came with tears in her eyes,

And their love couldn’t be disguised.

Till death do they part it was meant to be,

Their love lasted throughout eternity.

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