Loves Dream


Aye my love our time has past,

Tis went by way to fast.

The shadows are out now, the sun is gone,

Tis time now for you to go home.

I’ll miss your impish smile,

And I regret that you cannot stay awhile.

I so loved your touch and the sound of your voice,

But you are really left without a choice.

Duty calls and you belong to another,

But I will think of you often my dream lover.

Someday soon you will be gone from my dreams,

And in all truth be my reality.

Until that time I wish you would leave me alone,

Before my sanity really is gone.

Why do you come and haunt me so?

So many answers I long to know.

Will I find these answers that I seek?

Why can’t I know the lover of my dreams?

I know you, but I know you not,

Tis a lost love that time forgot.

So in truth with joy also comes pain,

For I do not even know your name.

I know your face, your voice, and the feel,

But my dream lover, I want you to be real.

I guess I’ll just have to bide my time,

Think of you in the long lonely night.

But as I sleep during the day,

You will come for awhile to stay.

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