A Cry from the Soul

Cries from the soul,A burn in your head

All the anger you hold from the words he said.

Your my nothing, your my everything,but you did me wrong,

And it hurts that I should bleed all alone.

My breath still comes,my heart still beats,

But its eased the strength inside me.

It suffers deeply as I call your name,

Nothing I can do to chase away this pain.

Trickling tears become a large brook,

Perhaps your words had been mistook.

Hadn't you loved me if only a touch?

Why do I have to need you so much?

How deep you struck the scars I bear,

I'm the fool to think you even cared.

But nothing is the same at night,

When I look at the emptiness and turn out the light.

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Kay Kay's picture

Hey, This poem is amazing, I love the way ... I just love it!. its so dark, making me want to read more like it :)