Sleep, No

He's there, he's everywhere, he's in her thoughts,
He's in her dreams, but nowhere to be seen.
She knows him, she knows him well, but only in her
Mind, can she tell.

He haunts her every waking thought,

He knows her needs, he knows her wants.

He knows when she's hurt and lonely.
If only he would come, if only.

He knows her fear, he knows her pain,

but to him, it is all a game.

A game he plays to ease his pride,

he knows she loves him, so he invades her mind.

He toys with her emotions, invades her soul,

and she loves him, this he knows.
The tears she cries, all for him, needing him, over and over again.

Only to hold him, just one time,

only to get him, out of her mind.

But she can't. This he already knows,

and each day, her love for him grows.
So weird, this love she has,

for she's never met this man.


He comes to her often, in her sleep,
Each night, he invades her dreams.
How do you stop, what has come to be?
The only answer, she no longer sleeps.

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