The Keeper of the Flame

The Keeper of the Flame

Nights still moonbeams cast,

Lying back in the tall grass.

The mysteries the wonders and soon he appears,

Lover’s lust or the answer to her fears.

His eyes like stars sparkling bright promise a forever that seemed so right,

On and once again honeyed words in the night.

How was she to know his charm held fast?

A destiny apart never to last.

He wanted only a night she wanted his soul,

Thoughts in a whirlwind an emotion uncontrolled.

And she had believed, oh yes she had believed,

Realization hit oh how she had been deceived.

A shimmer of glittering light, bolt of steel,

Then darkened shadows so cold the feel.

Quietness, remembering legends of the undead,

On the innocent and unwary their hunger was fed.

Neither sated nor having a care,

Feeding their bloodlust from anywhere.

But here she lay totally alone,

Only herself to rely upon.

Another light a bright bold flash,

Swords thrust an angry whips lash.

Screams, oh no they weren’t her own,

Peering in a world of darkness unlike the peace of home.

Hundreds emerge but no perhaps many more,

There, over there amid the folds of the earths core.

Webs appeared thin spidery veins,

Eating from the inside out fighting over the remains.

The moved in their web like skin,

Weaving in and out and back again.

Silver strands they all left behind,

Each perfect no fault could she find.

Slowly she rose the urge to run held,

Her fear deep down her urge failed.

Not far did she make it was none to swift,

Captured now. What tortures awaited a mind adrift?

Nervous and shaking hair tangled tight,

Fear and anger her arrival here just wasn’t right.

Breath of dead bellows of rage,

Low pointy fingers pushed into a golden cage.

She screams only once none other would be heard,

Wrapped in webs they said not a word.

They had her now their purpose unknown,

Visiting the undead sinking alone.

Her flesh burned hot webs became tighter,

Flames of fire scorched the webs behind her.

Once fearless the undead now backed away,

The web creatures in horror began to fade.

So tall was he so bright his smile,

His words brought safety if only for a while.

No need to worry milady no need to fear,

I am the Keeper of the Flame and you are welcome here.

Under earths darkened children the king of them all,

No cells no cuffs no cement walls.

No need of it for he controlled this game,

She could not escape the Keeper of the Flame.

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