The Knights Lady

Knights of old, his lady fair,

Around his arm, a ribbon from her hair.

She stood, and as she watched him leave,

Tears of silver silently streamed down her cheek.

This knight, her love, her life, into battle he would go,

And though she wished he would stay, she knew it wouldn’t be so.

For a knight he was, fighting for his king,

And he would go, no matter what the morrow would bring.

One last look as he mounted his steed,

Then onward he went, as he took his leave.

Shouts in the distance, the battle begun,

It started with the rising of the sun.

Shouts and screams as maces hit flesh,

All around him, the smell of death.

Catapults shot their flames of fire,

And the tortuous screams of the dying, became higher and higher

He held his lance steadily in his hand,

On gazed only briefly, at his finger that held the gold band.

His lady love, he missed her smile, and vowed

After this battle he would stay home for awhile.

So few times they had shared,

And her tears as he left, he couldn’t bear.

His thoughts strayed from the battlefield,

And his body he didn’t shield.

A lance was thrust into his heart,

Now and forever from his love would he be apart.

As he lay upon the ground, blood flowing free,

He thought of his lady, and dreams that would never be.

Her smile, eyes shining bright went through his mind,

Then her tears, as they had said what had become their final goodbye.

A whispered l farewell to his lady, words carrying softly with the breeze,

His lady, on the garden swing, heard his words, through the trees.

Tears silently came from her eyes,

And she felt his pain as he lay dying.

A loud heart wrenching scream, shattered the garden peace,

It echoed in the wind, never to recede.

What fear, what pain, shot through her heart,

Forever and ever an eternity apart.

Tears once begun, refused to yield,

And her screams carried for miles and miles, onto the battlefield.

He winced. More from her pain than his.

Oh to go back in time, just one more kiss,

Once more to hold her in his arms so tight,

He slowly shut his eyes, he heard her voice say, “I love you,” then he died.

Twas the bloodiest of battles, lasting late into the night,

And still his lady continued her cry.

Wagon wheels in the distance, over the wooden bridge they come,

Lying in back, wrapped from the sun, lay her silent,

Her dead, her beloved.

She pulled back the blanket from her love lying there,

And in his hand, was the ribbon from her hair.

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