The Fire That feeds The Soul

Fire, burning so hot into your soul

The pain of a love you cannot control.

The ache within, that spreads each day,

Of a love so deep you want it to fade.

Emotions captured so swift and sure,

Knowing, never will there be a cure.

Tears that come, you desperately try to stop,

Knowing you can’t have this deep love you want.

You want so badly just to see him once more,

But what would be the use, the flames burn just as before,

Hot, agonizing flames, scorching your heart,

Burning so fiercely ripping you apart.

I cry. No help, no hope, no way out, nothing to still my fears,

And all I see is your face through a rainbow of tears.

I’ll miss you. Your jokes, your laughter, your concern,

But as the flames consume, my soul continues to burn.

Flames burning so hot to the touch,

Flames burning from a forbidden love.

Higher and higher, so out of control,

This fire that feeds my soul.

It’s a pain I have never felt before, each day it burns more and more,

For this heartache, I wish I knew what to do,

But as of now, I’ll keep on loving you.


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