Demon's Forest




Demon Forest


The darkest part of night, misty shadows arrive,

Mighty oak trees of the forest come alive.

Long bark covered branches fingers extend,

Leaves, ever colored, chiming with the wind.


A stoop, a sway, stretched branches extending ever higher,

Reddish glow of the moon, shooting flames of fire.

Electric shock, sheet lightning, blinding this nightmarish scene,

A creak, a soulful moan, a once mighty oak crashes to his knees.


And blood pours. Once upon a century this mystical spell,

An unsafe forest cast by the demons of hell.

Who so ever by chance footsteps should tread,

Would stumble, nay fall, into the hands of the damned, the undead.


Skeletal fingers, frozen, ah but their needs suffice,

Jawbones opening wide shooting rancid breath of ice.

Eyes blazing with fury, who dares to invade?

Tis of no major importance, one more deaths soul is made.


But the wee little people more deadlier still,

Three threadlike eyes, their looks could kill.

Thin as reeds and no more taller than an inch,

Blue green sparks, flames with deaths stench.


Razor sharp teeth much too big for their mouths,

As they widen, tongues of serpents slither out.

Not slow, no, but so quickly there is no time to retreat,

Bite after bite, so painful you beg for eternal sleep.


The hounds of hell howl such a chilling tune,

As their glazed eyes absorb the blood red moon.

Like a lioness they crouch in the highest of weeds,

Salivated tongues, licking, so eager to feed.


Is that a squirrel, so beady eyed, nay it just cannot be?

That demonic creature is not cute, nor even furry.

Such a boned tail, rib cage black and decayed,

Sitting back on its haunches with a chestnut it played.


An earth shattering scream, not a chestnut, but a human eye,

The eye now in its claw like fingernails it sprouted wings for flight.

Its trophy safe it chattered in a foreign tongue,

Farther up in the sky, still to the eye it clung.


Maniacal laughter, howling, chattering, constant noise, louder echo after echo

"Stop, stop, stop, please, oh please just let me go

.Peace, where is the peace?" And on begging it had begun.

The disappearance of all evil, the demons left with the morning sun.


Shaken beyond my wildest imaginative thoughts,

As the morning sun rose slowly a dreamless sleep was all that I could ever want.

The night sweat covered the silken sheets,

And as I closed my eyes, a dog howled in the distance, and I knew I could not sleep.


















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goddesswolf's picture

It's been a very long time since I have stopped by to read your poetry. I loved this poem because the whole time you are held on the edge of your seat to find out it's a dream. Very nicely done!