I Miss You

I miss you milord since you’ve been gone,

The pain knowing another rests in your arms.

So hard I try to forget,

But still, I’m not over you yet.

This hurt, this pain, when will it end.

How can I ever begin to live again?

My thoughts stay on our times past,

Once long ago, you swore we would last.

Then I saw you with another,

And that moment, my heart shattered.

I used to smile as I gazed upon your face,

But now it’s but a frown replaced.

I feel it so much, cuts so deep,

And still I know not why you left me.

Is she good to you, this love you share?

So she makes you happy, and for her you care?

If yes it is, then I shall fade away,

And live my tomorrows thinking of my yesterdays.

For I shall spend the rest of my life,

Forever erasing you from my mind.

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