Game Over

Game Over

But come my lover see what lies in wait,

For too long we’ve fought this tortuous fate.

I burn. Flames passion from your eyes touching my skin,

I cannot see where I’m going but I know where I’ve been.

Mind’s thoughts twisting, twirling oh what havoc they seek,

And it all leads your way the pleasures of ecstasy’s peak.

Far to long you’ve played this teasing game overmuch,

It’s time now to fulfill and kiss me with your lips touch.

And this time I would not nor even could I pull away,

For you, and only for you yes I’ll stay.

Oh what a light caress likened most to butterfly wings,

Such tingling, such fire, such wildness it brings.

Ah and the hottest of torches lit as we lie upon the bed,

Hands, mouth, twisted silk sheets; passions rein flowing where it led.

No need for restraint, but then why would we wish it so,

Your teasing game is over time for this fire to feed my soul.

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