Sweet Dreams

Timeless romance, aging throughout the years,

Knights on white stallions, a maidens tears.

Highwaymen, capturing women's hearts,

Stealing their dreams, tearing their souls apart.

Restless hearts, looking for that special one,

Searching, wondering if he will ever come.

Alone in the night, the dreams appear,

Hoping , wanting him  to be near.

Toss and turn, deep in the night,

Tear stained eyes, arrive with the morning light.

Loneliness strikes, each way you turn,

and within your heart ,flames of anguish burn.

I know him, yet I don't know from where,

Our lives, we will soon share.

He knows, as well as I ,

We will meet, when the time is right

Can not fight what fate has in store,

For a love so clean, and so pure.

Our souls, already entwined,

For it was written, since beginning of time.

Fate decreed, we were meant to meet,

So, goodnight, my lover, have sweet dreams.







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