Lost and Found

Lost and Found

Lost in the shadows time does not tell it all,
My mind captive behind these thickened walls,
Trying to climb the memories, crevices they haunt,
Restless they move twisting turning, angrily they taunt.

Worrying of a future that means not anything,
Not a moment’s will, peace nor joy does it bring
Emotions. No cure for none, nothing to take,
Only a valley of sorrow a chasing of lost mistakes,

Forever dreams worrying of a tomorrow while losing a past
Thoughts for a moment sheltering a raging outcast
What with the self- portrait I long ago took,
Should my eyes suffer with a fatal last look

Arise from the dust a heartache so innocent, so true
A collage of worry, but really, what else could I do?
Climb high. Reach the ladder's top rung, no time for defeat,
Arms held high in victory like a cat land on your feet.

God will hold your heart, His love He will give,
Accept it willingly, a new life you can live.
Joy. Such joy, peace, a life of prayer,
Believe. Have faith. Only God can take you there.

© Cynthia Clark

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This is intense, it makes me

This is intense, it makes me feel like I have experienced the thought -- well done