A man, he waits, so patiently,

his heart and soul to give.

From far away, he bides his time...

For his love's not where he lives.

Time, it seems to stand so still

when distance parts two hearts.

But deepest love, it always grows...

so never shall they part.

His woman waits, her wholeness given,

with him, she finds her rest.

No other can ever steal her heart...

For with her man, she's blessed.

United as one, two souls so true,

embraced in wings of doves.

Separation cannot break their spirits...

Though they live not where they love.

On this, our second anniversary,

I give these thoughts to thee.

For I love you unconditionally...

as I know that you love me.



© written for May 5th, 2003

Author's Notes/Comments: 

LadyHawke's Land Beyond The Myst---www.geocities.com/ladyhawkes---Welcome to a medieval and peaceful land, where romantic poetry and fine art consumes your soul. Drift in the serenity and soft music, be at peace with yourself and let love set your heart aglow!

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Thompson G.F.'s picture

This was a featured poem so I stopped in to read. Nicely stated. I liked the meloncholy, the joy of knowing love, but the sorrow of only being able to embrace it from afar. Thanks for sharing.

David Richardson's picture

This poem is written with so much emtions, feelings and sincere love. The beauty of your sensuous heart is surely displayed so vividly and brightly in this poem. This poem I found so so so enlightening and so alive with intense desire and emotions toward another.I truly loved this poem. Thank you lady for sharing this inspiring poem with me and please have a very beautiful weekend.

Dave Richardson