Little One, Little One, why do you cry?

Why do such sad tears fall from your eyes?

Why is there sorrow breaking your heart?

Why do you feel your life's come apart?

"I haven't a home, my clothes are just rags,

my tummy is empty, my life fills two bags.

I'm alone in this world, mummy and daddy are dead,

I've seen the world's pain and my heart feels like lead.

I drink tainted water, from garbage I eat,

my bed is the gutter, I beg in the street.

I live like stray dogs, no hope left for me,

I've fought hard to live, but it was not meant to be."

Little One, Little One, why do you fear?

Do you not know that I will always be here,

with you, by your side, holding you tight,

so when you feel lost, you will still see the light?

"But can you help all little children in need,

who have been through the wars that made their souls bleed?

Will you feed them and love them, wipe away all their tears?

Can you give them hope for a future without any fears?

They only want love and to have family,

To play, learn and grow without poverty.

Can you end all their loneliness, sorrows and pain?

Is it possible for love to cradle them once again?"

There is here with me, Little One,in Heaven above,

One who looks after all children and wraps them in love.

He's called Jehovah, and Allah, the Creator, too.

With the help from His angels, God will look after you.

We help all children, bring smiles back to their face.

They are reborn in innocence here in this place.

Their pain, sorrow and fear are all washed away.

Once more, they're just children, to laugh and to play.

Have faith and strength, Little One, for your time is near,

to journey to heaven for to be happy, my dear.

With much love, I await you, for I hold your key,

Because, I am your own Guardian Angel, you see.



© November 26, 2001

Author's Notes/Comments: 

LadyHawke's Land Beyond The to a medieval and peaceful land, where romantic poetry and fine art consumes your soul. Drift in the serenity and soft music, be at peace with yourself and let love set your heart aglow

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Tim / manatee Marshall's picture

HUM,heavy duty,well placed words an a sad-glad one,i like
this painting you painted A+ THANKS