Highlander...from across the wide sea
in hills of heather, he wanders free...
where battles raged and brave Scots died
and ancestral blood did weep with pride...
into the soil, for freedoms fought,
some were won, others were for naught.
Harsh clash of swords, clang of steel,
still through the mists, his soul can feel...
the ancient songs of warriors brave
that drift up from their lonely grave...
into the heart of this Highland man,
giving him pride in whence he began.
And from this handsome Highlander's soul,
he roams his hills to ponder his goal.
Not of battles and bloodshed, nor clash of steel...
but to seek joy in a love that is real.
So, hear ye now, the ancient songs of your clan,
not of the dying, but of loves that began...
between many a Scotsmen and their maidens dear,
the freedoms they fought for, was to love without fear.

© May 30, 2001

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stustaub's picture

My heart started thumping and I actually wanted to reach across my back for a claymore I knew was not there. ;-) This is a very powerful accurate depiction of the Scottish highlander, who was warrior, priest, and countryman all al once.

Mel Gibson's line at the end of Braveheart, where he said "They fought like warrior poets" fits pefectly with your theme here. Excellent piece.

Becky Zeits's picture

youre right I would like this poem and I DO!!!

Butch Lesley's picture

Ah my Lady Hawke, you warm and old Scotsman's heart. I must visit your site and loose myself in visions of my ancestors glorious past. Tis no greater honor than to fight for country and the love of a lady.

* Hook's picture

The "Highlander" creed is that of true heart, Glorified in song, made beautiful in art, This Celtic legend, of freedom and war, To fight for true love, to the death they swore, For love of life, and for the land and wives, Boldly they stood, sacrificing their lives, No, twas not reward, nor greed, nor gold, Twas for the love that warmed their souls, And to this day, they hold their heads high, "Scotland and My Love", still the battle cry.... Loved your poem....great words, great thoughts, great images of love and why it's worth dying for.... HooK

James Mackay's picture

haha. i'm a highlander and this makes me want to pick up my claymore and take to the hills. inspiring stuff. actually, i found it softly spoken and very respectful. most of the poems i have read about highlanders have been a little derogatory. still...thats what you get for reading of toilet walls. i liked this. thanx James oh yeah...i liked the stuff on your bio. cool philosophy. must be very reassuring.

taffy's picture

Hello, Loved this one, but being a Welshman, I like to think it applies to us just as well///////. Great line that flow song like throughout. Will continue to read the rest of your page, with pleasure and anticipation. Best , and may your God go with you, David. L.