Awash with disappointment, I try to understand

why it's always me that loses out

when life deals its tough hand.

I sit and think that it must be me

and I know not what to do,

so I place and feel you in my heart

and focus all my love on you.

Your love can heal me, this I know,

for you're a very special man,

so hold me tight and love me well

and let me take your hand.

And please, my darling, be patient,

for I am trying, oh, so hard

to banish the bad feelings

when I'm dealt the disappointment card.

I love you, my dearest, you're so good to me

and I don't know why, you see,

I waste your time and hurt you much

and yet you still love me.

I truly never want to hurt you

for my love for you is great.

Because of you, my spirit soars again,

We were meant to be, my love, tis fate.



© October 1999

Author's Notes/Comments: 

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