Have you gone and left me

after all I meant to you?

Can you catch my heart’s blood

as it tears painfully in two?

Can you taste my tears that fall

so sadly from my eyes?

Has your heart grown so cold

that you can look at me and lie?

Can you face this soul you loved

and tell me we’re no more?

Even though love fills your heart,

can you still walk out that door?

And turn you back on all we were

and wipe me from your heart?

Can you live on only memories

as you tear us both apart?

Place your hand upon my breast

and feel the pulse of love.

Can you forget how our souls were as one

as we soared o'er the clouds above?

The fire still burns within our hearts.

Do not walk the path alone.

Together we can reap the harvest

of the seeds of love we’ve sown.

Won’t you take my hand now

and face your fear with me?

Take this step and hold me tight,

and we will be fine again, you’ll see.


© August 2000

Author's Notes/Comments: 

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