Teach Me


Teach me

Teach me your wisdom
Teach me your knowledge
Let me bask in your light
Let me sit in your shadow
Teach me oh please Teach me

Show me the path to walk
Shine light so i'm not in darkness
Show me the the right way
Teach me, oh please teach me

I'm lost I need help
I'm alone yet again
I see the light
but i can't find it
Teach me oh please Teach me

To walk in the light again
To breath fresh air again
Teach me how to get out of the darkness
Shine on me please
Teach me , oh please Teach me!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dark thought's on dark days

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student is ready
the teacher will appaer


"One of the best results of life, is the torment of love"

Dylan Eliot