Darkest Poems


I am alone

I have no one to talk to

I feel him speaking to me

Who is it ?  “I ask”

I feel the breath on my neck

Feel the warmth of the fingers as he pulls the knife out of my hand

Use it and die

Why? I ask

Should I listen? Or put it back on my arm?

Is this my guardian angle looking over me yet again?

I do not feel my dragon but I do feel a daemon

Is it my anger, hurt or mistrust???

The cutting would relase the pain I am in

Why do memories hurt so damn much

Should I cut???

Yes one voice says, do it you will feel better

Drakness is that voice

Light where did you go

Why have you forsaken me yet again?


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Bad day.. Just words.. but still hurting

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Stephanie Philbeck's picture

da poem was good i know wat u mean and no u shouldn't cut urself trust me people will get mad at u i've been throught that 2 or 3 days ago and when they get mad that means they care about boyfriend is the one that got mad at me for hurting myself.