It begins in a dream

But it feels so life like

I am walking, along a path way

Do not recognize where I am at

But all seems to be familiar, but scary in some ways

I am alone, but hear voices all around.

I see trees, that are withering and branches that are falling off

I see grass that still has some small amount of life left in it.

But the path I am walking on, is full of life

The birds I see flying above me are full of life

But things all around me are dying?

Should I tell you these things?

If I do, will you think less of me?

If I tell you I am having them again what will you think?

This is the newest one I have had, the one that is so raw in my mind

The path leads to somewhere I know, but I can never find the end of it,

I always make a noise and you wake me up,

I feel safe when I hear your voice

The birds sing louder, and the grass turns greener

The trees come to life once again

I like that part of the dream, when I snuggle to you.

Why do I always dream of some sort of death?

Why can I not dream of happiness?

This frightens me beyond belief.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

7/25/04 wrote after a nap today..

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