Our love


You make me feel so fine at times

Sometimes I feel down and you can make me smile

How do you know when I need you

How do you know when I need to be held?

How, you listen, you love me

I love your arms around me

I love to feel your breath on my ear as you say “I love you”

I love to hear “beautiful wife”

I need you so much

I never want to let you go

Your love is so much to me.

I can’t live with out it

I can’t breathe with out a thought of you in my brain

You are there all the time on my mind

How do I feel?

I love you like you love me.

Can this feeling never stop; I hope not

My love for you grows and grows.

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smooth's picture

love poetry

great use of adjectivesandverbs unique pespective of love

ladydragus's picture

this is dediacated to my husband.. I did not relize I already had one nameed this poem.. I have so many I write..
but I wrote this on 5-19/06 when I am very much in love with him..

I think the first one was written when we were dating.. Can you see any differnce???

I am the dragon