Dark Night, Dark Day

This Dark Day is turning into a Dark night.

I no longer see any light around me.

I have lost an outlet for my pain.

I have lost a source of comfort, I could use, to help me.

I can no longer go there, and feel safe.

I can no longer be there and feel "at home"

I feel lost now.

I feel no longer at home..

I have a home, dont get me wrong

But I no longer have an outlet for my "deperssion"

I am on my own once again.

I am by myself once agian.

I have friends, I can turn to, but it is not the same.

But yet, it is the same ?

Confusion, is not a good thing for me.

Deperssion is not either.

Darkness is something I used to like being in..

I no longer like it, but feel it ever so slowly creeping back into my life.. I can feel the seeds of doubt start to creep, into my heart.

I do not like this feeling.

I want to let it go..

But how?

How do I stop it, when I caused it,

Or did I?

I no longer feel welcome.

These are my final words for this fourm.

These are my finail poems.

I will post this and leave.

I love you all.

I love this place.

But good bye my friends

Goodbye my Mods.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

03/28/04 written as a goodbye letter to frieneds on a fourm..

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Stephanie Philbeck's picture

hey the poem rocked it actually describes me alot.