Deamon Wings Below

They Drip with blood

They are cut in many directions

They are my demon wings they no longer fly

They weep for more

They weep for loss

My demon wings can no longer carry her

My demon is no longer with me

She is not a part of my life

I threw her out...

I stomped on her, I kicked her away

I did not want her in my life anylonger

This dragon wants to soar

This dragon wants to live

This dragon wants to love again

This dragon has loved many

but wants to stay with her lover

She does not want to fly away

Not anylonger

She is in love

she is happy

She is seeking advice

She is looking for home

She thinks she has found it

she thinks that her other self is gone for good...

We can hope and pray that her demon wings are no moer

We can hope and pray that they will never come back...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written for myslef.. Upon some confusion I am having yet again.. ..

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cool poem!