I feel so alone

I feel dead on the inside

this darkness that I am seeing all around me scares me

I feel alone

I feel like I am drifting away

The people around me can not hear me

they sometimes can not see me

I am that small in their eyes

Or I feel that small

I feel no one listens to me

I feel they should

I should warrent a plea bargin, but I get nothing

I feel at a loss at what to do

Jessica is my life

I worry about her daily

I worry she does not get what she needs

I worry about her being sick so much lately

This plea will go unheard like normall

they just think I am overreacting.. BUT I"M NOT

Pleaes explain why I feel this way

Please tell me am I good mother?

I feel so lost

I feel like no one hears my please for her

I feel like he does not care

I feel left all alone in this life of mine

I feel like I have been left behind

Author's Notes/Comments: 

02/08/04 Written after a day full of sickness with jess and dirty dirty diapers.. Stinky ones at that

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