Land of Darkness

This land is full of jagged rocks

the river that flows through it, shows death all around

We travel a unbeatn path you and I

But why do not let others try and help

We are too selfish to ask for help

You are one person I care for.

Let me help

This unbeatin path can kill

I would rather meet you than let it kill you

Jagged rocks are nice once and awhile

but sunshine and merry times are much better

Dont let it win

Dont let yourself be drawn to it.

Want to live

want to join us.

Let me help you get out of that jagged field

Come walk beside me, hold my hand

I wont let go, if you promise to hold on too

Jagged jagged rocks of stond

Let Mary Alice go

I want Mary Alice to fly

I want Mary Alice to soar

I want her to be freee

Of the pain you are causing

Jagged Jagged rocks of stone

Be gone Be gone

Let this land become one without stone.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written for Mary Alice a lady on my fourm.

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