Drifting Away


I am drifting away,

I have no idea where i am going, nor do I care

I am drifting, away from the ones who love me

And this scares me

I am becoming a person I do not like

I take what is said, and I just go with it.

This is not me, This is not what I want out of life

I want more, but I keep drifting futher and furter away from self

I have no idea how to catch myslef either

Wish I knew

I try to be more like me, but I am losing part of me daily

I think it is because I am trying to be a better person ?

Or am I trying to become someone else again

Drifting, Drifting, away, seems right

Seems wrong in so many levels,


Why Drift you ask,

for I no longer want to be me

I want to be loved, and being me gets me hurt

I want to be with someone, and being myself, makes them run

Why? be me? Why ask Why?

Just drift, and I suppose drift till I find myself again

Drifting, Drifting

Away from self, away from you

Drifting, away, is what I seem to be doing again :(

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