Questions of Sorrow

I have lost someone dear

And I no longer can find her

She was once a part of me

But now I can no longer feel her

I sense a void, where I think she should be

I feel I no longer belong

I almost feel I،¦m no longer myself

I exist, but no longer see

I exist but no longer feel

I exist but no longer know how to love

My heart is beating for I can still feel it

Am I alive, or am I just existing

My mind races, but to where I do not know

I am lost in this life of mine

I am confused as to why I love

I am confused as to why God had put two men in my life

I am torn between the two of them

Why God Why, do you give me two to love?

But I can only choose one ƒ¼

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written about two men I dearly love and who do I choose?

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sanctus's picture

The sense os sadness so pervades these words that one is drawn into the sorrow like fish to water. Well done.