My River #2

I see the death all around

I can see the things I used to love dying all around

I can feel the earth, crumble as I walk down this river

Where did all the water go ?

Where did all the life go ?

For this reason I will no longer love

For this reason I will no longer live

For this reason I will no longer breath,

For this reason I will take no more on, nor will I even try

I wont go to walk alone again

I wont go out alone

I wont, give of myslef

I wont let others in

I wont share my pain

I will keep it locked on the inside

I wont share it for all it does is hurt othes

I wont share, my feelings, for I hurt to many already

I am sorry, for my river

for it once was beautiful, vibrante. and full of love

I can feel the cuts on my feet, for they are bare

I can see the blood running off them

I can feel the cuts on my feet, and feel the pain ebbing through them

Oh how i want to cut, again

Oh how I want to finish off this ungodly existnace.

I want my river to be full again

I want the blood to go away

I want my fish to live in water ,not dust

I want the trees to be green again

I want the flowers to bloom again. (pollen and all)

I want my birds to sing happy sounds again

Not just of death

I want the sun to shine down instead of the dull gray sky...

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