killing myself slowly

killing myslef slowly

kililng my self daily

I think I am worthless

I want to end this life, but i know I cant

I am not strong enough for all of this hurt

I no longer want the hurt

Take it away, Take away all of the pain

I will kill myslef slowly, so as to not hurt others

I will take the pills dalily to overcome this damn deperssion

Pills that no longer work

Pills that no longer help

Therapist that only give give give, but do nto help

Therapist's that only listen to what they think is bad, not good

more and more pills, I think of dieing daily

I think of leaving this world behind.

This dragon is coming and I wont stop it anylonger...

*tears rolling heavly*

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this in one of my deep dark deperssions

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