I feel the Darkness again

Darkest Poems

I feel darkness getting closer again

I stay inside myself

Afraid to open up again

Afraid of being hurt all over again

I feel dead inside

I am hurt, I am dieing more everyday

The blood I see on the sink in my dreams should be mine

Should flow from my arms, not a dreamers arm

I can actually feel the bonds breaking more and more everyday

I am starting to lose more of my self every day

I do not understand why I am losing myself

I do not understand why I am feeling nothing, or why

I have chosen this type of path for myself

Every time I open my heart to someone:

That person crushes it, they bruise’s it, or beats it up more than it is already.

I feel like the only thing it is doing is keeping my life rhythm up and going

Nothing else

No, my walls are going back up and are going to stay for a longer period this time, then the last time

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