Make love to me

I feel the weight of you on me while we make out, I feel you grow harder, while we keep kissing, I say I want to feel you inside me I want to scream your name.

You slide it in very slow at first, then I ask you to move it faster and faster, and I moan with pure emotion and ask for it harder, while you slap my ass I say "ride me harder" and want to feel you deeper. I want you to ask is this hard enough? I will say " no" not hard enough" I want you to make me scream I want to feel the slap as you fuck me.

I want to feel all of you in my pussy, while you fuck me with my toy in the ass (or you can switch positions and do me the other way) which over you wish. I want to feel you while your penis slides in and out of my pussy; I want to feel you slap my ass so hard, that when you trust in and out, you slap my ass with each trust. I want to feel all of you, and then some.. I want to make love to you every day, and never want to stop. I want to enjoy every position with you and then think of more to enjoy. I want to make love to you in the woods in the car where-ever the desire comes to us.

I want to be with you no matter how we can be with each other.

Make me scream your name, and make me want you to never stop making love to me. I want to feel how hard you can get while you fuck me in the ass, and then role me over and watch me climax when you are pumping your dick ever so hard in my ass, then switch to my ever so wet pussy, and fuck me harder.  I want to watch your face while you cum, and I want to watch the pleasure you are getting from making love to me.

I do not know what made me write this, but I wanted you to see how badly I need you to make love to me, and how much I really want you in my life. You made me feel somewhat special yesterday by doing it the way I wanted to.. 1. Step in the right direction.. My ass is so sore..

Love you and talk to you later

See you around.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this one when my boyfreind was out of town and emailed it to him..
He loved it

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