When I look at you, I see emptiness

I do not see love in your eyes

I see despair

I see something I saw in my own eyes five years ago

I do not like what I see

I love you with all my heart

But you tell me the eyes are windows to our “soul” Am I seeing a lie?

I hope so.

Empty I can handle, no love I can handle

Been there, done that, can do that again,

But do not wish to.

I am lost with in my own home again

Lost with in a life I am no longer sure we want, lost in a life maybe you no longer want to be in, nor do you wish to talk about, that is what is bugging you. But you are afraid of saying something to me, in fear that I will walk away. I WON’T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have walked out once, in my life, I will never do it again. This time I wont , this time I will talk till I am blue in the face, or red, or purple or whatever color it takes to make you understand I am not leaving. You are the one I want to be with.

Empty, not a feeling I like

Empty, is something you feel when you are hungry

Empty is something that a glass is when you finish all the drink

Not something you feel in a marriage, or a relationship.

Please help me fix this…

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Brandi Kat's picture

This has such strong emotion! I have never seen this one before. It is so good. Keep up your work.

Love you,
Brandi (Kitten)