(Rhyme poetry)

Winter is back and in full force again

There has been some snow and rain

I'm so glad there are four seasons every year

Spring,Summer,Winter but its for Fall I mostly care.

I've been counting the days,weeks and the hours

When I can see again many pretty flowers

And be able to take a long stroll by the sea

Even when Summer is not really made for me.

Meanwhile,there have been severe blizzards I've heard

It's raining and snowing,its freezing,and thats so absurd

Some folks will be so relieved when this Winter goes away

And they'll be happy when Spring returns for awhile to stay.

Dorian Petersen Potter

aka ladydp2000


February 6,2010

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Mss KaNaka's picture

It's nice, I like it,
thank you for the image too.