~Autumn Dreamer~


There are those times in my life I don't really know anymore what I want

And  confused there are all those equal times that I can't see any light

My heart tells me not to give up as I continue on my way like this every day

Like I've been doing all this time and continue to do so one way or another too

Because nothing should stop me from reaching any of my  goals day and night

I know it won't be easy but there's always a way to accomplish what I see

So many things I've already gone through this life so far, so many of them only God knows you see

I don't really see anything wrong with wishing and dreaming everyday of all the things I want

Releasing my poor captured heart here and now, dreaming under the moonlight when it delivers the night

Trying so hard deep inside to understand so many things I can't see in the darkness without any light

It's so very sad  for me to realize that hardly nothing is the way  I believe it to be at one point too

Have to learn to live with this in my  heart and soul, there's nothing I can do about this today or any day

And that's the way things always will be, and have to accept them no matter what as they come every day

Sometimes, there's nothing I can do anyway, there's so much I can do on my own without God I can see

I just wish that everything was a little easier to deal with in my life and in your life naturally too

Knowing so well that what I dream and desire can't come true every time that I want

Thoughts that come and go crashing, flying,pieces in my mind like confused puzzles that glow in the night

Wondering most of the time what have I done so wrong? Why isn't more light showing in the heart of the night

Blindly surround it by all this darkness my soul pauses and makes sure I can see my way again during the day

As I grow weary by the daily routine, my soul slumbers to rest till another daylight

And that's the way things will always be for me now and forever I can see

Having learned a long time that sometimes it doesn't really matter what really one might want

Let's then make the best of this journey in which both traveled already as you know this too

One way or another in my mind and soul I will somewhat survive all this too

Because there's a mighty power much greater protecting me out there every single day and night

Knowing that in the end it's all up to me to make of my life what I choose it to be or I want

For one way or another no matter what time never stops and from night revolvs a new day

And not all that you think or you know it's what you really believe- or you see

And at the end of the day it comes a time when I have to face each one of my fears in the light

For little by little the shadows recede when they meet and welcome the light      

My soul stretches beyond and wholly partakes of my view too

Things have a way to work for the best on way or another, don't you see?

In the daylight we can see better than what we can't see in the night

Let's try to make the very best of what we can do every single day

Burning thoughts that I can't control every single time that I want

When I see the light I know then that the darkness has gone with the night

And for me too then will be a new set of hopes with a brand-new day

'Cause as far as I can see and I know I can do with my life what I want!

Dorian Petersen Potter

aka ladydp2000



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