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~Peace And Joy~

Oh my Sweet Lord take your hand right into mine-

And set all my heart and soul for you on fire

Oh my sweet Jesus lead me thru all the days of my life

So I can serve you better as in my heart I always desire

You know  that for me nothing without You  is worthwhile

Why is that so, some people out there may sometimes ask me,

Well, my answer would be as simple as watching the sunrise and sunset,

I just have to look around and feel all His love- His love for you and me

Right there exactly where we are standing He always call us to Him

So choose very carefully what you decide with your life and future to do

There are so many supernatural forces and things  that want to  keep us from Him

But in spite of all this and more,you and only you have the final decision to make,that's true

Life can be an unending struggle everyday  but if we have Jesus we're never really alone

He'll be with us in everything we go through and give us peace and joy  like never before we've known!

Dorian Petersen Potter

aka ladydp2000



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