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Mackinac Bridge

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It’s so hard  for me to acept and believe most of the time,

That there’s so much evil in this whole world of ours

We hear of so much abuse all the time, and all kind of diseases,

And talking about this subject of abuse,the children are the ones who suffer the most all over the world, every hour

Hardly a day passes by that I don’t hear of this kind of abuse or another reported all over the news

It brings tears to my eyes, and it breaks my whole heart apart, every time,

When I hear of a the latest child victimized or killed by a certain sickly adult

Sometimes they're not just strangers who commit all thesebarbaric acts,and it's such a horrible crime

Often enough it happens to be a relative, a parent, or a supposed caretaker provided by someone,

It doesn’t matter how, the children  turned up being  abused in every unspeakable way

So many of them don’t even make it alive, when they get kidnapped,rape and then killed

We have to do something fast and much better to protect the precious life of all our beautiful children every day

We can’t let this nightmare continue and let these sick monsters run loose and hurt our children in any way

God gave us our precious and innocent children to love and protect them from any evil and  harm every single day

Let's unite,help and save all our innocent children!

Dorian Petersen Potter

aka ladydp2000



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