He got that funny look upon his adoring face, that to me at times like this is so contagious,

He smiles like he’s keeping secrets that he’s so sure already I will never know,

I carefully watch him, holding back a laughter which is about to burst just like his,

I try my very best to keep him happy, my heart with his love continues just to grow.

That’s the way his personality is, and  since then with me had always been.

He makes laugh, cry and sometimes in between he’s made me sad and mad,

Well, I expected all of this and I was of prepared for this for a long time ago,

But now I realize than to all this there was more than it could had been added!

Having him in my life had been such a great pleasure and such a joy!

I am so glad that God sent him  from above to grace and complete my whole life.

I know for a fact, that he really loves me and that he’s truly such a good soul, the best! a great man!

I love him so very much! and to God I pray to keep him safe and always in my life!

Dorian Petersen Potter

aka ladydp2000


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