~Irish Blessings~

Again is another St. Patrick's Day

And we celebrate it in a grand way

We sure like wearing something green

And show it upon a shirt or a pair of jeans

There's something nice about this holiday

And lots of us agree that is a special day

When we can think for some good reason

About other things that relate to this season

Some people feel just like dancing

While making merry and all the way laughing

Some like watching for those jolly green little men

Hopping and dancing while carrying gold by the glen

St. Patrick's Day is a very happy day

Filled of fanciful fables the Irish way

Enshrouded in mysteries and fairy tales

One more than the other behind an Irish veil

So today is another St. Patrick's Day

Let's dance and be merry the whole day

Let's search for leprechauns and for a four-leaf-clover

And find rainbows even after this day is over

Dorian Petersen Potter

aka ladydp2000



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