~West Virginia~

(rhyme poetry)

Sky bright with a glowing light

Come and see the colors grow bright

Nature is there so beautiful and merry

Stretched all across this lush greenery.

Spirits walk within this secluded hills

Seeking confort upon this quiet thrill

Where nature feeds everyday this knoll

Reflecting peace now upon my very soul.

Years of glory attached to this land

Way above the sky so blue and so grand!

Majestic mountains rising all high above

Cascading from silver streams of love.

Nature looms so beautifully at last

Footprints leading to its mysterious past

Captured by falling wishing stars at night

Filled with such magical feeling and delight.

Mountains filled with softest snow on the land

Heaven just a touch away from my very hands

Painted for me with a very special brush

Guarding her beauty day and night for us to gush.

Dorian Petersen Potter

aka ladydp2000


February 5, 2010

Author notes:

This is my rhymed version.

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