~A Christmas Wish~

Christmas Spirit,

Of long ago,

Show me your face

Once more,

So I may stroll

Back again,

In my mind's eyes

To bygone days,

When I was so young

And fresh.

Sweet memories were then,

Of gingerbread houses,

Blinking lit up trees and

Eating apple pies.

Warmed up by the fire,

And the sudden kisses

Under the mistletoe.

Christmas spirit

Of long ago,

Show me that bright


Once more.

The friendly warmth

Of an open smile,

The crackling sound of


Sheer and joy!

The warmth of a fireplace,

Melting snow


The sweet fragrance of

Roses and cloves,

Cinnamon,chestnuts and vanilla


In the air.

Christmas wreaths,

Hanging from my front


Trails of glowing

Color lights,

To hear carols sung

Everywhere and

The mixed sounds  of tinkle bells.

Music, kids and toys,

Candy canes and wrapped presents,

Tinseled paper,

Open boxes in christmas day,

Forgotten ribbon on the floors.

And in the air still,

The scent  of fallen pines,

Tracks on the wet soiled snow

by rubber boots.

Christmas Spirit,

Of long ago

Wherever you are,

Show me your face like

You had done before,

Bring me all the love,joy and


That so happy I can


Around the corner already,

I can hear

Your tinkling bells and

Dear and jolly Santa

Is for us now,

On his way.

Dorian Petersen Potter

aka ladydp2000


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wish you each and everyone.
Merry Christmas and Happy New year!

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