In Words You've Yet To Say It

I focus on everything

Which is nothing

To avoid my pain

My heart leaks effortlessly

In the shadow of a dying flame

What does reality sustain...

I walk throughout life

Portraying to be sane

Embellishing false constraints

Misguided emotionless tapestry

The life I lead

Cannot foresee

Half of what I am

Has never been told

I am the foundation

There never was a mold

The cracks beneath me

Story goes....

A little something like this:

Yet when I speak,

My words shift

The realization is missed

Trapped in a glitch

Uncomfortably I reenlist


That are often bold

Reminding you

Once again

Inside I hurt

The things I yearn

Is everything

You refuse to see

In words you've

yet to say it

But I already know

As your actions

Repeatedly show

You don't love me...






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