Ever Been To Cloud Ten?

Ever Been To Cloud Ten?

I Smile As, I See This Add

While I'm Riding On The Train.

Smile As I Think Of You

Looking Out Over The City Consumed In Rain

Gone Is The Pain

Replaced With Uncontrollable Laughter

Gone Is The Terrain

I've Built Upon My Infrastructure

Of A Glimpse

Timeless With Each Kiss

Suppressed Thoughts Overwhelmingly


Often Succumbed With

Adolescent Gestures

Left Together To Whether

Immense Measures


You Are

In Your State Of

Fluid Maneuver's

Upon My Way Of Thinking

As I'm Sinking

Only To Rise

Up Into A Place We Call

Thee Most High

As I Fly

Free From What

Had Entrapped Me

For It Has Died

No Longer Inhabiting

My Being.

For The First Time I'm Seeing

Things For What They Were

All The While Blinking

Knowing I Am No Longer Stuck.

Ever Been To Cloud Ten....

A Sensation That Arises

When I Pick Up A Pen

A Combination Of Complications

Released From Within.

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