What can I obtain from a book

What to me was actually dealt

Breaking down men and relationships

Never explaining why pain is felt

Why do I run to my girlfriends complaining

Seeking guidance that’s far from help

Telling me of some inner strength

They have yet to find within themselves

No book ever shelved

Nor female companion

Listening as I explain

Can fathom my inner turmoil

Who I love is my life’s greatest pain

My smile turned into

Tears unconstrained

What have I gained?

I can tell you what I’ve lost

Why do I still love?

Exposing myself to hatred

Highly cost

Subtracting my happiness and laughter

Left emotionally drained and sad because

I still haven’t found stamina


Is an empty question

If I wont open myself up

To be answered

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Why?… The question we all ask.

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