A Loss Of Words

At a loss of words

With nothing to say

How can I explain what I feel

In an understanding way



Without an answer

To it’s call

Listen to it break

As it kept you awake

Took your fate

Left you blinded by your tears

Left you alone to confront your fears

That were always there

Which will never disappear

As it appears in your mind

Looking around

Can’t find lost time

Or where it began

Look over your shoulder

Or look at your hand

Follow a plan

Or chose your own path

Write down words

Which make others laugh

As you’re sad

Alone once again

With a pen

Thoughts unload

Without control

With no way to go

Words untold

As they behold

Once again

At a loss of words

With no where to begin

Author's Notes/Comments: 

In life I am often overwhelmed with emotions that fill me with sensations that cannot properly be put into words. All I can do is feel...

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I know how this feel 2