Cast The First Stone


The hardest thing to see is your self

How often I’ve judge others

Never mentioning

The misdeeds I’ve dealt

Never casting stones upon the shadow

Whose numerously fell

In the same exact spot

Unrealistic to the mark

In which I have aimed

Unrealistic to limitations

Constants the burn of pain

Yet to myself the worlds to blame

For all in which I have endured

It’s easier to manipulate outward appearances

Within I face what the world ignores

Cast upon the shore

Of self inflicted discrepancies

Born in a habitat

Of destruction and poverty  

Things I’ve seen and done

In succor

To cast the first stone

I’ll be dead

Before I reach the floor

Author's Notes/Comments: 

It's easier to point out in others what we often over look within ourselves.

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Shana Alexander's picture

You are so right. . . sometimes we hate in others what we can't see in ourselves. This was well-written as well as thought-provoking.