Was the worst year of my life

Learned never to trust a person

Got into a bullshit ass fight

On top of that all I tried to take my life

But didn’t succeed

As you can see I’m still here

Not knowing what tomorrow brings

Is the only thing I fear

Other then that

Fuck the world

Every boy I liked

And any trust I put into a girl

Smiles and promises

Are no more than elaborate lies

A world of deceit

In which they combine

Fake n’ phony

Is all people will ever be

Being by myself

Is the only way I’ll be happy

I thought I had friends

I thought I had a man

I must have thought wrong

Because all I had

Was myself all along

I had some up’s and down’s

I made some rights and wrongs

As I go on in life

I must stay strong

If I am weak

This world will eat me alive

Get the better half of me

And tare up my insides

The things I have learned

I shall never forget

But I am still learning

There’s a lot I don’t know yet

With each lesson learned

Something is taught

In a battle you win or lose

But still in all you fought

Life is a struggle

And test you must pass

And you can only find the answers

If you follow the right path

Don’t’ listen to others

And let them lead you astray

Follow your own mind

And do things your own way

I know it may sound funny

And make you laugh

But you are the leader

And finder of your own path

don’t let others

Lead you by your nose

Because all they’re going to lead you

Is right into a hole

I was in that hole

But I found my way out

As I start all over

I’ll still have my doubts

I will doubt others

And the things that they say

I will even doubt myself

Until I do things the right way

I have learned

But I have not passed

I know what is right

Still I do bad

I know which way to go

But will I follow

That path

Remembering the things I have learned

Hoping that wisdom will last

As good times turn bad

And night turns into day

I go on in life

Trying to find my way

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this poem around 11 something  before the ball dropped on the year 1999. I was reflecting back on 1998.. What I learned and what again I didn’t want to go through

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Shaketa Copelin's picture

This was really good. It had a nice flow to it and told a good story.

Lasohnda Harris's picture

This is hella good i like this

MARIE's picture

That's deep!