How are past mistakes repeated?

It’s as if with every lesson I learn

Ones deleted

Constantly demeaning

Myself and my character

Going through emotions

In the past was

Something I promised

To never again go through

Promised to never again

Play loves fool

Never again be used

As a tool for the time being

Always discarded when others

Look more appealing

Got me leaning

Between love and hate

Tired of looking at tears

Roll down my face

Tired of these scars

Going around in circles

Encaged by these bars

Who you are has entrapped me

In this travesty

This wound is to deep

To start again

It’s too late

My pain manifested to hate

Repeated it so often

Your value’s


Can’t even call you a lesson

Only my life’s worst


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raminastar's picture

WOW!!!!! I love this, to many times we make these "mistakes"