Love Should Have Mentioned

Times of change

Remain the same

Feelings lost

Sensations fade

Becoming non-existent

I wouldn’t have known

If I did not witness

Your undergoing change

That transformation was growth

So I cannot blame

My broken heart on your expansion

I wish love would have mentioned

That everything is not equal

How a person can look you in the eye

Knowing their words are deceitful

Knowing they creep through

Stealing moments of your time

All the while your lost

Not knowing what’s on their mind

Or how to define an explanation

For the replacement

That stands before you

Love should have mentioned

Feelings are over do

If one over powers the two

Tears will not heal

As your heart turns to steel

No longer will anything be mentioned

I’ve learned through experience

Love is nothing but

A dead end

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Jada Park's picture

feelin this one girl

raminastar's picture

Damn, I want to make a poster of this and hanging on every wall and tell all them dumb ass M.F. see dis, dis is you stupid wasteing our time, lieng and all dat, i love this one!! props are in order,