The Unexpected

Im crying but whos dying

Me or the person within

Im hiding the reflection

That was born in sin

Born again

Subject to change

Starting a new life

Without a name

Things will never

Be the same

The answer doesnt lie

Within your brain

You must listen

To your heart

In the shadows of death

Or the heavens that fall apart

Darkness to light

Surrender to fight

What is ready to begin

Hiding the reflection

That was born in sin

Born again to die

How can I shed a tear

If you never had a life

If I never heard you cry

If I never heard your voice

If I never felt you inside

How can I let you die

If I never had a chance to live

How can I cry

Knowing I had nothing to give

If you die

So will apart of me

How you would have looked

And all the things

Youll never get to be

Im killing you for me

Or keeping you

For the future I cannot see

Through you I can live again

Or die all over

Before you had a chance

To begin

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem was inspired by an unexpected pregnancy, and the guilt I felt for contemplating abortion.

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